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Robert J. Marks II

Robert J. Marks II, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor of Engineering in the Department of Engineering at Baylor University. He was attracted to Baylor University after 26 years at the University of Washington in Seattle by Baylor's vision of being the home of cutting-edge research while celebrating the Lordship of Christ.

August 30, 2008

Marks is the recipient of numerous professional awards, including a NASA Tech Brief Award and a best paper award from the American Brachytherapy Society for prostate cancer research. He is Fellow of both IEEE and The Optical Society of America. His consulting activities include Microsoft Corporation, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Boeing Computer Services. His research has been funded by organizations such as the National Science Foundation, General Electric, Southern California Edison, EPRI, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Office of Naval Research, the Whitaker Foundation, Boeing Defense, the National Institutes of Health, The Jet Propulsion Lab, Army Research Office, and NASA.

Professor Marks was awarded the IEEE Outstanding Branch Councilor Award, The IEEE Centennial Medal, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Meritorious Service Award, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Golden Jubilee Award and, for 2007, the IEEE CIS Chapter of the IEEE Dallas Section Volunteer of the Year award. He was was named a Distinguished Young Alumnus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, is an inductee into the Texas Tech Electrical Engineering Academy, and in 2007 was awarded the Banned Item of the Year from the Discovery Institute. He was also co-recipient of a NASA Tech Brief Award for the paper "Minimum Power Broadcast Trees for Wireless Networks", and the Judith Stitt Award at the American Brachytherapy Society 23rd Annual Meeting.Dr. Marks served as a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. He was given IEEE Dallas Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award from the Dallas IEEE CIS Chapter. Dr. Marks served for 17 years as the faculty advisor to the University of Washington's chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ. In 2010, he was listed by as one of "The 20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors," and, in 2013, one of "the 50 smartest people of faith" at He has an embarrassingly low Erdős-Bacon number of five.


Expanded Biography

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Namesake Technical Contributions

The Zhao-Atlas-Marks (the ZAM distribution or ZAMD or cone shaped kernel) time-frequency distribution  is currently in the MATLAB Time-Frequency Toolbox and National Instruments' LabVIEW Tools for Time-Frequency, Time-Series, and Wavelet Analysis.

The Cheung–Marks theorem in Shannon sampling shows that some sampling theorems can be ill-posed and therefore useless in the presence of noise or computational round off error. 

Professional Activities

Dr. Marks was Chair of IEEE Neural Networks Committee and served as the first President of the IEEE Neural Networks Council (now a Society). He was given the honorary title of Charter President. He served a six year stint of the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. He was also the topical editor for Optical Signal Processing and Image Science for the Journal of the Optical Society on America A .He is a member of the Editorial Board for The International Journal of Neurocomputing. The Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems, The Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence (1996-present) and Sampling Theory in Signal & Image Processing (2000-present).

Dr. Marks was co-founder and first President of The Puget Sound Section of the Optical Society of America. and was named the Section's first honorary member . He was co-founder and first Chair of the IEEE Circuits & Systems Society Technical Committee on Neural Systems & Applications. He also founded and served as first Chair of the IEEE Dallas Chapter of the Computational Intelligence Society.

Christian Activities

Dr. Marks served as the faculty advisor to the University of Washington's chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ. He sits on the Board of Directors of Arbor Ministries. Dr. Marks has given presentations of his talk, What does Calculus Have to do With Christianity? to university audiences in Poland, Japan, Canada, Russia and the United States.


Robert J. Marks II has lots and lots of publications (about 350 papers).  Some are really good. He has published with about 200 different co-authors from 23 countries. Ten of Dr. Marks’ papers have been reproduced in volumes of collections of outstanding papers. His raw Google h-index (including self citations) is 42 and his Erdős–Bacon number is an embarrassing low value of five.

Dr. Marks is the author of the books

  • Handbook of Fourier Analysis and Its Applications, Oxford University Press -2009.
  • Introduction to Shannon Sampling and Interpolation Theory (Springer Verlag, 1991), and
  • Neural Smithing : Supervised Learning in Feedforward Artificial Neural Networks (MIT Press, 1999) - with Russ Reed.

respectively, and is editor of

  • Advanced Topics in Shannon Sampling and Interpolation Theory (Springer Verlag, 1993), and
  • Fuzzy Logic Technology and Applications, (IEEE Technical Activities Board, Piscataway, 1994).

He is also a co-editor of the volumes

  • R.J. Marks II, M.J. Behe, W.A. Dembski, B.L. Gordon, J.C. Sanford, Editors, Biological Information - New Perspectives, Cornell University (World Scientific, Singapore, 2013),
  • Computational Intelligence: Imitating Life, (IEEE Press, 1994), and
  • Computational Intelligence: A Dynamic Systems Perspective, (IEEE Press, 1995).

Web Sites

Dr. Marks maintains the following web sites.Topics include Christian apologetics and research he is doing with others. 

  1. - professional web site
  2. - personal web site.
  3. - publications and information about evolutionary informatics. (Removal of this site prompted Dr. Marks's appearence in Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.)
  4. - quotes & posters of scientists professing faith in Christ
  5. -research & videos on research in swarm intelligenc
  6. - download site for the classic ID book by Thaxton, Bradley and Olson
  7. - publications and information about the theory and applications of time scales. 
  8.  - publications and information about theory and applications of microwave theory.
  9. - support web site for Dr. Marks's 2009 book.
  10. - confference web site. 



Dr. Marks serves as the Steering Committee Chair for the 2005 IEEE Symposium on Swarm Intelligence in Pasadena. Dr. Marks served as General Chair of the International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Seattle, General Co-Chair for four years of the IEEE/IAFE Conference on Financial Engineering in New York, International Chair of the RNNS/IEEE Symposium on Neuroinformatics and Neurocomputing(Rostov-on-Don, USSR), Organizational Chair for the (first), IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium(VRAIS) in Seattle and Raleigh, NC, respectively, and the (first) IEEE-SP International Symposium on Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis (Victoria, BC). He served as Program and Tutorials Chair for the First International Forum on Applications of Neural Networks to Power Systems(Seattle).

He served as the Awards Chair (2004-05) and Fellows Chair (2006-07) for the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Dr. Marks served as an elected member of the Board of Governors (1993-96, 1998-2000, 2001-02) and Administrative Vice President (2003-04) of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. Professor Marks was the Technical Program Director for the first IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Orlando, the Program Co-chair for The IEEE/IAFE Conference on Financial Engineering (New York), The RNNS/IEEE Symposium on Neuroinformatics and Neurocomputing (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) and The International Conference on Neural Networks(ICNN) in Perth, Australia. He served as the North American Liaison for the Singapore International Joint Conference on Neural Networks(IJCNN); the Tutorials Chair for the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Anchorage, ; Publications Chair of the IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC'99), Seattle. He was the Special Sessions Chair for the 2000 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks- Italy.


Dr. Marks' bride of almost 40 years is the fetching Monika Marks (the former Connie Marks). His children are Jeremiah and his wife Leslie, Joshua and Marilee and her husband Kris Kahler. Dr Marks' hobbies include cartooning, songwriting, and old radio plays, especially Gunsmoke.


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