Mind Matters Where Natural and Artificial Intelligence Meet

Why Mind Matters Matter

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Host Robert J. Marks introduces the breadth of issues that will be covered on the Mind Matters podcast, from job displacement to human flourishing in a world increasingly run by our algorithms. In brief, Mind Matters will bring natural and artificial intelligence head to head in the areas of research, application and education.

Show Notes

  • 00:50 | The mission of Mind Matters
  • 01:30 | Learning to filter out the hype about AI on the internet
  • 02:00 | What will computers never do, or chess versus kickboxing
  • 03:35 | Defining consciousness and other terms
  • 04:18 | The most testable distinction between AI and natural intelligence
  • 05:00 | Human flourishing in a world increasingly using AI
  • 06:40 | Walter Bradley and Dignity Coconuts
  • 07:19 | The crucial role of spiritual and ethical considerations