Can Blockchain Help Ensure Fraud Free Voting?

In Wednesday’s assembly between Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Republican senators from the Pennsylvania legislature about potential voter fraud within the state, one state senator steered blockchain as a possible remedy for the kind of voter fraud being alleged. An organization referred to as VOATZ has the expertise to do that and was talked about by title.

Blockchain is the secret sauce that retains bitcoin working. Every new bitcoin transaction is encrypted as a brand new hyperlink within the chain, which is distributed to quite a few websites. If anybody tries to alter a hyperlink within the blockchain, everybody who shops the bitcoin blockchain is aware of it, so the fraud is detected and eliminated.

The great thing about blockchain is that belief is assured amongst individuals who may not intrinsically belief one another. The truth that blockchain transactions are saved at quite a few websites forces honesty as a result of the system can detect change with out immediately revealing of the contents of a hyperlink.

Equally, particular person votes may be saved as hyperlinks on, say, a VOATZ blockchain. All political events and ballot officers can retailer the whole voter blockchain and be instantly made conscious of any makes an attempt to alter votes. Any change may be detected with out revealing voter identification. The blockchain makes auditing and recounts simple.

The encryption for every hyperlink in a blockchain is unbreakable. Breaches in blockchains like bitcoin are nearly at all times as a result of human error. (Ever been phished?)

This mentioned, there’ll by no means be a voting system completely immune from fraud. The purpose is to make undetected fraud troublesome and due to this fact uncommon as potential.

Like me, you in all probability have considered ways in which voter blockchain may be gamed. VOATZ addresses various these questions on its web site. Though no voter system is completely fraudproof, the usage of blockchain in voting would take away most of the controversies we see in the present day within the 2020 presidential election.

If in case you have watched the tv sequence like CSI or NCIS, you recognize that expertise makes it tougher in the present day to get away with crimes than crimes of yesteryear. Vetted expertise wants utilized to make the identical enchancment within the detection of voter fraud.

Here’s a take a look at how blockchain works, utilizing the troubled diamond industry as an illustration:

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How bitcoin works. The social value of belief. Bitcoin is broadly touted to be a “trustless” system. No participant within the system must belief every other participant. The entire transactions are verifiable. (Jonathan Bartlett)


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