“Some researchers are seeking a materialistic explanation of our remarkable brains. With attention to quantum tubules found in the brain, Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff propose a quantum mechanical model.

Not necessarily materialistic…at least Hameroff is fine with concept of quantum consciousness surviving death and continuing on as “quantum soul”…

There seems to be an error here; it should be microtubules and not quantum tubules.

“Hameroff notes their quantum tubule theory of the brain “is in conflict with a major premise of [strong] AI and Singularity.”

It is in conflict, because to match the operations per second performed by human brain the AI people have a long way to go…if any at all..

“The theory of Penrose and Hameroff proposes a physical brain process that is nonalgorithmic. Computers are limited to executing algorithms. Since nonalgorithmic means noncomputable, what Penrose & Hameroff are proposing cannot be simulated on a computer.”

The quantum brain processes can’t be simulated on an ordinary computer…Quantum computers are a possibility but they would have to get much, much better to simulate quantum consciousness…

“If the Penrose-Hameroff theory or other work on so-called quantum consciousness is successful and can be engineered into a working model, we will be able to generate machines that do what the brain does. This new technology will not be a computer. We’ll need to give it another name.

There is already a name for it: It’s called Quantum Consciousness. So, the technology or science related to it will be called Quantum Consciousness Generating Technology or Quantum Consciousness Science…

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